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Follow along on my journey to explore the world through a race-conscious lens. My passion is to empower others, through education, to be brave as we position ourselves on this path to create authentic change.

Watch, listen and read to digest the current state of race equity and how to make the most impact in your circles.


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Bringing visibility to the topics of race equity and racial justice through powerful subject matter.

Racial Identity with Esperance Ndombe

Engaging Constructively In Brave Conversations About Race



Follow along as I discuss race equity, spirituality, and other related topics with today's thought leaders.

Black? African American? Afro American?

Reclaiming our ancestry through the power of language

S01E01Bryana Clover
00:00 / 31:54
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Browse through a series of blogs that delve into race equity topics, including history, education, and spirituality.



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