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My Story


Hey there!

I'm Bry, a Michigan-native, currently residing near Raleigh, North Carolina. For over a decade, I've worked in various corporate strategic marketing roles with extensive experience in collaborating, facilitating, and managing cross-functional projects and teams. I’m a recent Master’s Certificate graduate of the University of North Carolina Charlotte in Anti-racism in Urban Education. But, if I’m being honest, none of that comes close to the importance of the work I’m doing now.

I have a lifetime of experience as a bi-racial girl→youth→woman and over five years experience in intentional deconstructing and healing. I am here to honor my ancestors in the service of speaking truth to power. I am here to guide white women on a journey of self-reflection and digging deep into uncovering their own racial identities and how that impacts the way they show up in the world. I am here to empower women of African descent to rediscover their Divine BirthRight and to reconnect with the ancient wisdom of their ancestors. I am here to help forward-thinking organizations create brave spaces to have tough conversations about race and inclusivity without causing harm or overwhelm.

My work in racial justice is inextricably linked with my spirituality, and I’m passionate about bringing others along this lifetime journey of collective growth and love. I believe in the transformative power of knowledge, coupled with reflection. In a nutshell, I ignite the power within others to make authentic change that leads to racial healing and liberation. What’s my secret sauce? Helping others overcome their fears and be BRAVE.

Bry's Unique Approach

Human Psychology

We are all connected whether we recognize it or not. We often learn new concepts or frameworks as if we are on the outside looking-in. But, the truth is, every thought leads to an action or inaction. And, that action or inaction creates a ripple throughout the world, impacting the collective experience. 

We live in a culture that yearns for consumption and productivity. Rather than simply sharing information for others to consume, I teach critical thinking. I teach skills that are required for the learner to deeply understand themselves and their connection to others. I equip learners with the tools they need to continue developing on their own, over time. 

Rather than walking away with another workshop under their belt, or another assessment to put in the books, or another strategy written on paper that rarely gets revisited, I am literally helping clients re-code their perspective deep within their core, so that they can contribute to collective freedom with confidence, authenticity, and BRAVERY.


Janette Barnard, Managing Principal, Rock Road Consulting

“I'd always heard terms like systemic racism but never understood the concept; I don't see racism on a daily basis, so how can it exist? The White Fragility book study completely opened my eyes to not only understand what systemic racism is but to have language to talk about it and understand how it impacts me and others. Bryana did an amazing job 'calling us in' to the discussion in a way that challenged my views while creating a respectful place to ask questions and debrief what we were learning while reading the book. The study was high impact in and of itself, but perhaps the highest impact was helping me see that understanding someone else's experience and working to dismantle racism is a journey, not a destination.”

See how I can support you along your race equity journey.

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