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What if I told you that most authentic racial justice work isn't about DOING 
anything? We've been socialized to believe that the more we DO, the better we
BECOME. That's a lie, and will lead us to exhaustion, overwhelm, and maybe even
burnout. Don't get me wrong, this is not a hall pass for you to avoid responsibility
for racial justice work. Instead, it is an invitation to authentically approach this work
starting from within.  

There is an approach to racial justice work that involves a lot more ease and flow.
Whether you are an executive in corporate America or a non-profit, a pastor, a
spiritual leader, an educator, or a person who wants to do good in the world, the
way to freedom is the same. The path to freedom requires a balance of education,
introspection, and knowledge. Oh, and grace and patience, and love, too!  

With over 30 years of experience, I have crafted the magic sauce to living an
authentic, just and joyful life, and I want to share it with YOU!


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