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Did Aliens build the Pyramids?

Have you ever wondered how the pyramids were built? I remember as a child being fascinated with the Egyptian Pyramids. I learned in school that it took slaves 10-20 years to build the Great Pyramid of Giza. I also remember learning about Pyramids in the context of Egypt only. And, come to think of it, I never stopped to think about Egypt's connection to Africa (why do we see Egypt separate from Africa?!) And, I most definitely didn't realize that humans began on the continent of Africa; that we all come from an African woman. Did you have any of these beliefs, or am I the only one?

Before I lose you, and you start questioning what do Pyramids have to do with race equity work, please stay with me here. I promise I'm going somewhere with this!

At the most simplest level, what I'm trying to say is, when we are introduced to a new piece of information that is completely contrary to what we've previously been taught, or how we previously understood life, the World, whatever it is, fear often gets in the way, and we lose out on the opportunity for expansion. Every single day, the Universe presents us with a new way of thinking, or a new way of understanding the World, but oftentimes we are either too busy or too comfortable to notice.

Because I recently traveled to Egypt, and, well, Egypt is freaking amazing, I'm going to use the topic of Pyramids to make a point, and because it's just fun talking about Pyramids! So, here's the exercise: as you read the following bullet points, please note how you are feeling in your body. Just notice it and write it down. Don't judge it...yet.

Okay, here we go.

Even with our current understanding of human history, we still don't know, without a doubt, how the Pyramids were built. The following are all theories with SOME evidence to support them:

  • The Great Pyramid of Giza is built with millions of blocks, weighing a total of 6.2 million tons.

  • If we follow the theory that slaves built the Great Pyramid, for example, in 10-20 years, that would mean that a single 1+ ton block would have been laid every 1-2 minutes. Is that humanly possible?

  • Pyramids are thought to have been multi-purpose and multi-dimensional Energy centers for the transformation of human consciousness rather than burial tombs. No mummies have been found in the pyramids.

  • The Pyramids form and position is very intriguing. Contrary to popular belief, they are not a 4- sided structure. The Great Pyramid, for instance has a slight concavity on each side, which presents quite a bizarre geometry. It is also built within 3/60's of a single degree of true north, which is quite eerie precision given the scale of the monument (a footprint of more than 13 acres, and 481 feet high).

  • Some theories suggest that Pyramids were built with advanced technology by visitors from the stars (extraterrestrials).

  • Some theories suggest that Pyramids were built by music/sound frequencies.

  • Pyramids around the world are like a big network of computers...they are all aligned.

  • There is a Pyramid in every continent in every climate on Earth.

  • There are theories and some scientific proof that Pyramids were built for harmonizing the planet given their precise position on the Earth, and the sacred geometry that is within their structures.

  • People are effected by Pyramids' energy because we resonate with Earth frequencies too.

So why did I learn in school that Pyramids were built by slaves, and it took them dozens of years to build? In my opinion, there are a number of reasons why:

  1. Because we are Westerners, and we prioritize hard science over soft science, and spiritual theories.

  2. Ever since the Church gained more power (before the European "discovery" of America), we've seen a decrease in access to ancient knowledge and wisdom such as Astrology, Energy Healing, Ancestral work, etc. In an American context, we've been socialized to fear anything that feels too "woo-woo", and that includes many ancient and traditional African religions.

  3. Because...Power and Money. If each of us knew the true Power and Divinity within us, the Powers that be would no longer be able to maintain their power and control of the masses.

  4. Because we are so far removed from being in touch with the Divine within us. Our Egos, while we absolutely need them, have a louder voice than our Intuition. Our Ego's job is to keep us safe, to keep us alive. So when we are introduced to an unfamiliar framework or understanding of the world, our first reaction is fear. That fear often cuts us off from experiencing true magic and transformation!

Those are just a few of my theories to why many of us likely still assume today that slaves built the Pyramids. So, let's go back to how you were feeling as you were reading the Pyramid theories. Do any of these sound familiar?

Bry has gone off her rocker. She's gone to Egypt and now she's all 'woo-woo'.

I don't believe in Aliens...there's just no way.

Why would they write in textbooks that Pyramids were built by slaves?

(the textbooks also say that Christopher Columbus discovered America 😬 )

Did you feel uncomfortable? Annoyed? Fearful? Scared? Intrigued? Excited? Tingly?

It's important that we stay connected to our bodies as we learn about new frameworks. That we notice the feelings, and that we don't judge them. Perhaps we hold them, and explore them with a sense of curiosity and intrigue. We never know the transformation that is on the other side of a new, wild thought or framework for viewing the World.

As I continue to immerse myself in learning our true history, and tapping into ancient knowledge and wisdom, I am realizing how much beauty there is, and guess what, it's not contradictory to God's/Goddess'/Universe's design!

Let us be open to shifting old paradigms that no longer serve us. Let us lean into our curiosity. Let us dive into the deep (and necessary) work of transformation, love and connection in our broken World. Let us be BRAVE.



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