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Are you ready to embody confidence, clarity and purpose as a racial justice accomplice* in your organization and community?

I believe all of that is possible for each and everyone of us. But, so many of us well-meaning humans often overlook the most important piece of this seemingly overwhelming puzzle. This missing puzzle piece, of ‘individual healing’, keeps us stuck on the hamster wheel of fear, overwhelm, avoidance, denial, stagnation, and even burnout. In fact, I’m going to be controversial here for a minute and declare that healing the wounds of racial trauma is the key ingredient to becoming a genuine anti-racist accomplice who lives a fulfilled life of purpose and impact.


**Coming in November!**

Click on the button below to be the FIRST notified once I open up the doors to my signature program, Liberatory Embodiment, so that you too can experience a renewed hope in your purpose and impact in racial justice embodiment.

*we use "accomplice" intentionally here. We will talk about the power of language within the LE Program, but in the meantime, if your curiosity got the best of you, read this article here!

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See what others have said about their experience working with

Faith-based Client

“I want you to know how meaningful this program is to me. I so appreciate all the work you have put into it."

University Client

"I have attended a variety of training about Racial Equity. Bry’s training was by far the most impactful. It was a great balance of learning new ideas/concepts and then having time to discuss. The material was presented in a very thoughtful and purposeful way to help us understand."

Corporate Client

“Thank you for all that you are doing! I'm so impressed with the ways that you create a community of trust and encourage people to speak up and ask questions. Your response you sent on youtube was so helpful. I don't know how you do it all with such grace. It's a gift. I love taking notes from you both not only on the material but how you treat folks and bring them along on the journey”

Program Details



On-demand program that is based off of my Signature Workshop Series offered to organizational clients. This is designed for the busy human who wants to experience transformational knowledge. Not just typical DEI training.


Lifetime access to all course content, including access to new material that is added on a monthly basis!


Introspection & Integration

Embodiment exercises, including guided meditation and other tools to support your learning process


Digital Workbooks including printable slides and journal prompts

Tailored content based on racial identity 

Resource list- categorized based on racial identity development schema and perpetually growing!


And much more! 


Community & Action

Monthly LIVE integration sessions with live access to Bry 

Group support and confidence- building through Online community

Guest speakers including trauma-informed therapists and healers

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Fill in the form below to be the FIRST notified once I open up the doors to my signature program, Liberatory Embodiment.

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